Disney Princess Avengers

Snow White as The Hulk

Deviant artist Christopher Stoll reimagined several of the Disney Princesses as The Avengers heroes in his new series seen below.  We see here Jasmine as Iron (wo)Man, Pocahontas as Captain (Native) America, Snow White as The (She)Hulk, and Mulan as Hawkeye.  I thought it was quite humorous seeing Snow White portrayed as Hulk; I kept thinking about Fiona from Shrek! That and Mulan as Hawkeye reminded me of WB's Once Upon a Time Mulan character who runs around in a full suit of armor and bow and arrow. 

Anyways what do you think? I love seeing Disney mash ups with other characters!

via Geek Tyrant

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[Pic] The Adventures of Lil Dead Pool n Hulk

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