It's the PS3 Slim Slim!

PS3 Super Slim with DualShock 3 controller

PS3 Super Slim with DualShock 3 controller

Sony has unveiled PS3's new model at the Tokyo Game Show this week. This new model is slimmer than the current PS3 slim - it is 20% smaller, 25% lighter, and obviously 20% cooler.

The "Super Slim PS3" as they call it (I like the PS3 Slim Slim better) will come in 2 models for the US: a 250GB hard drive, and a 500GB hard drive model.  Come September 25th, the 250GB will be available for $269, but you'll have to wait til October 30th for the 500 GB model which will be priced at $299.  Both of these models will be available in Charcoal Black or Classic White - I'm kind of liking the white!  However, there is actually a 3rd model - the 12GB flash version but it is only available to Europe.  

Design wise, Sony removed the slot loading disc drive and replaced it with a sliding door panel to top load discs. There is also a little less power consumption - 290W to 200W.  So yay for energy efficiency!

Looks like once these come out, there will be limited edition bundles included! So who's gonna get one??


I already have a PS3 that is barely 2 years old, why does new shit have to come out all the time?! And WHAT ABOUT THE PS4?! 

*pout* It still looks cool.  But knowing me I'll likely be late to the party and end up buying it right before PS4 rolls out.

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