Sackboy Fantasy VII?!

Sackboy Fantasy VII?!

Sackboy variants of the characters from FF7

O. M. G.

Just in time for the 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, die-hard FFVII fan Jamie Colliver recreated the world of FFVII in Little Big Planet 2 using the level creator.  He created over 20 levels of fantastic work including almost all dialogue, characters, bosses, and soundtrack to go with it.  In addition, each character even has their own limit break! 

Currently he has over 2-3 hours of gameplay (6 videos) on his YouTube channel including scenes from Sector 7, Aerith's Church, Shinra HQ, Temple of the Ancients, and others!  I've posted the remake of the bombing mission scene.  Please visit his channel to see the rest!!!!

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