Anime Expo 2014 (July 3rd-6th)


photo credits: Kaze~ and Melon

Anime Expo 2014 was another big year, and LG sent down our very own Kaze~ backed up by LFTDFriend and cosplay darling, Melon. The cosplay was strong at this one, everything from Haikyuu!! to Beyond the Boundary is represented, even some Captain America.. ya dig? Make sure to check out the official gallery on Facebook to tag yourself and your friends, and give us a like. Check out Melon's FB here and Kaze~ on her FB.

AND as a bonus... we have photos at the end from one of LG's most dedicated fans, Manuel Gonzales. Dude has been down with us since day 1


Now here are so photos from Melon's camera

Now for Manny! Mister Manuel Gonzales contributed the remaining photos from AX.

Screwattack Gaming Convention 2014 (July 11-13)

Gamcon 2014 by BENITO (July 5th and 6th)