Screwattack Gaming Convention 2014 (July 11-13)

photo credits: Omar Castillon

While PRINCE couldn't make it this year, instead Omar Castillon (a guy Justin Prince met at SGC last year an inevitably recruited into LG) covered the con in his stead. From Omar's reports, it looks like the con itself has gotten quite a bit bigger than it was last year. Here's hoping a full team can cover it next year, until then... sate yourself with some photos from Omar's camera. Disaster hit when Omar's main camera failed but coverage still continued with a bit of a guerrilla style tactic... snapping what he could from his phone. Overall, looks like it was a blast. Check out the official Facebook gallery here if you wanna tag or share a photo.


Cosplay: Thursday at SDCC2014 (July 24th)

Anime Expo 2014 (July 3rd-6th)