Cinema Rewind: Best Films of 2017

Cinema Rewind: Best Films of 2017


Another year, another best films list. It has been an interesting year for movies for sure. I personally had a few that knocked my socks off and a large list that I enjoyed so the bottom 5 had a lot of shuffling compared to the top 5 which were pretty close to locked in from the first iteration. 9 and 10 could have been just about anything, i tried to go for more obscure picks that are still accessible. I've included a large honourable mentions section of films I liked and ones I think people should be aware of, in no particular order. 

  •  Colossal
  •  Shape of Water
  •  Wakefield
  •  Killing of a Sacred Deer
  •  To The Bone
  •  Okja
  •  The Big Sick
  •  The Florida Project
  •  The Disaster Artist
  •  Lady Bird
  •  Brigsby Bear
  •  Battle of the Sexes
  •  Ingrid Goes West

10) A Ghost Story


This is one of those slow burn stories that you have to know is a slow burn to enjoy it. I had heard about the pie scene and how it can test your patience but I actually shed a tear because I knew it was going to be long so I could think about why it's happening emotionally rather than "why is it still going?" It's a unique and touching story and if you don't mind watching Rooney Mara eat a whole pie, it's worth seeing

9) The Founder


I think this technically came out late 2016 but was released in January so it counts for me. This one, over Molly's Game was the story of a go getter I enjoyed the most. Watching a washed up millkshake salesman become the CEO of McDonald's is fascinating to watch.

8) Dunkirk


Just this past week this film jumped onto my list. I watched it again and it certainly deserves to be on the list because its a wonderful exercise of creating the most dramatic heartpounding film you can while injecting just enough hope and spirit to make it uplifting. A gripping Hans Zimmer score and making so much of it real only adds to the amazment. I however still thing making a more linear story would have made it better as the overlaping of scenes confuses and muddles rather than enhances the film even after multiple viewings.

7) Star Wars The Last Jedi


This is where Civil War ended up last year on my list so it's kind of fitting Star Wars should get it as well. Rian Johnson has made a very very good star wars film that happens to have about 10-15 mins of uselessness. I still think it is a great entry with a few of the best action sequences in the whole series. Rey and Kylo steal the show and Luke is a good addition to the story. As far as popcorn movies go this was most entertaining one I saw by far.

6) I, Tonya


I had only seen the trailers for this one, i knew nothing of the real story surrounding it and boy do the trailers do the movie justice. It's snarky and crass, everyone in the film is such an out there character in a stranger than fiction/coen brothers type way that makes for a heck of a ride. 

5) Get Out


Jordan Peele I think surprised just about everyone with this gem. A film that works on two levels the whole time and warrants at least a second viewing. Has an interesting premise and in that second viewing makes the first half a better watch. I can't wait to see more from him.

4) Baby Driver


Well, he did it again. Edgar Wright took his style and flair for great music and crafted a film around it that is insanely enjoyable to watch (5 times and counting). The music is ingrained in the story and is littered with callbacks that he is so good at planting and put it all together in a car chase movie with coolest stunt driving you could hope for.    

3) Logan


This film has the luxury of time on it's side. We've spent years with Wolverine, seen ups and downs and now we get to see Logan and boy is it heart wrenching. A story that could only be told after years of build up and the superhero genre exploding to go the exact opposite way and craft something so deeply personal to the character and come out the other side with a the crowning jewel for character that has been on screen for 17 years.

2) War For The Planet of The Apes


An equally dour send off, Andy Serkis gives the performance of a lifetime as Casear. This is one of those films that you forget you are watching mo-cap actors, those apes are real and service the story in incredible ways. A terrific ender in a series that started off strong for an Apes film and ended with strong film period.

1) Blade Runner 2049


This film is what every sci-fi fan hopes for, a beautiful, well crafted film that focuses on what life in the future is like and what being human really means. Creating mystery and intrigue, strong characters and emotional beats all wrapped up in a story that leaves you feeling like an amazing sci-fi detective story wrapped up in a philosophy lesson. I was so hyped for this movie, Denis Villeneuve has been on such a roll the past few years that he deserves some time off. The fact he could give us Prisoners,Sicario, Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 over 4 years is astounding.   


That's it! I'm happy to say that I saw just about every movie I wanted to see this year, save for The Phantom Thread by the end of this year. It's been a really good year for movies. Animation remained off the scoreboard this year, Coco and Lego Batman being some fine films that didn't break enough ground for me. However we still got some masterpieces, some very good films and plenty of ones that just didn't make the top 10 but were great to watch. 



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