Cinema Rewind: Best Films of 2016

Cinema Rewind: Best Films of 2016


Another year, another best films list. I had a look back at the picks I had made for last year and there were definitely a few I would have subbed out for the ones I saw after the article was released, like The Revenant, Sicario and the incredible Brooklyn. But such is the list for the year, there are only so many movies you can see before a year ends, and it's hard to catch all the of the year end ones and there are even a few that i have had access to I just haven't gotten around to that I think I'd enjoy. That said here is my list, with links to the original reviews if you want a more in depth opinion. 

10) Raiders! The Story of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Two friends during the course of many summers attempted to make a shot for shot remake of Raiders of The Lost Ark. They fell short and what follows is a story of tested friendships, perseverance and the feelings that movies stir in us from a young age to create something all our own.

9) Hail, Casear!

The Coen Brothers bring the laughs to this Hollywood satire wrapped in a kidnapping caper. Exploring old Hollywood and the lunacy of the business and how some people wouldn't have it any other way. If you like movies about movies you'll certainly enjoy this underrated gem

8) Neon Demon

This was one that got a lot of mixed reactions, and it is most definitely not an easy watch but Neon Demon is the sort of creepy B movie art house film that isn't spectacular but somehow still draws you in and really brings a menace and edge that is engaging and results in a very unique experience. 

7) Captain America: Civil War

Not the best plotted movie by any means but what Civil War does so incredibly well is create one of the best superhero films put to screen. upon rewatching the film I was more impressed than I originally remember, the battles are personal and the superpowers on display are thrilling. It's about as good as a massive superhero movie you could ask for.

6) 10 Cloverfield Lane


A tense, mysterious pressure cooker of a film that had me on the edge of my seat, second guessing everything. It one of those genre films I can see myself going back to frequently over the years it is just so well done. I saw it 3 times in a week and would have happily seen it again.

5) Zootopia

Disney released this along with Moana last month and I'd say this is the better film. plenty of laughs, good morals, if a bit too on the nose at times, and some fun mystery elements make for a really great film with fantastic lead characters 

4) Kubo and The Two Strings

This was another one where the second watch warranted a better reaction. A story of a boy going on an epic samurai quest with mythical creatures and stunning set pieces as well as fun and likeable characters. Laika needs more love than it got with this film, it's a work of art 

3) Arrival

Intriguing and Facinating are the two words that come to mind when I think about Arrival. It is one that really makes you think about the story it is unfolding and how you yourself would handle the situation or how you would want others to handle it versus how they would most likely act.

2) La La Land


I saw this just a few days ago and I still just love the heck out of it. The music is superb, acting, directing all just top notch. It is a bit long and could have used some tightening up to really make it sing (pun intended) but besides that, the themes and the way they are expressed are just fantastic and feels like you are watching a dream brought to life. It's a film in it's own wonderful world and deserves to be seen.

 1) Hacksaw Ridge

Never did I think I would put a religious, war film, by Mel Gibson at the top of my list. I am not a fan of any of those 3 things usually in a film but this was the best experience I had watching a movie all year. It was so moving, so breathtaking and just so well crafted I was completely in awe by the time it had finished. Pro war or anti war this is a absolute must see film and far and away my top pick for movie of the year.


That's it! Of course there were plenty of other movies I missed out on but as it is the actual last day of the year, you have to cut it off somewhere! I'm sure I'll be seeing some of those top movies others have been talking about soon, and reviews will be up for them no doubt but until then leave your comments as to the movies you enjoyed and maybe some you think more people should have known about! 



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