Just A LANtasy, 2016 Con Report

written by Britany Quinn (@britanyquinn)

LANtasy came to be from a local Victoria-based nonprofit organization, LANtasy Gaming Society (previously known as BC Gamer). They have been known within the community to help run events for over a decade, one of their main collaborations was with GottaCon (which is no longer running) but they continue to expand and share their knowledge of all types of gaming. LANtasy was held the second weekend of March with it being it's very first year which hosted a LAN party, Tabletop Gaming, RPG's, and Boardgames; aswell as few cosplay guests

They had a handful of sponsors such as Gigabyte, HyperX, Victech.ca, Nvidia, DigitalStorm, and Shaw. Which helped with the prizing and giveaways. The most amazing giveaway I saw that weekend was when Gigabyte gave a LAN attendee a custom computer.

With LANtasy 2016 being it's very first year, I was very impressed with how it Sold out two weeks before the event took place, in which the Organizers convinced their insurance to raise the numbers by 100 and again almost sold out by less than 30 people. 

It was held at Pearkes Recreation Centre, in Victoria, BC right beside the Tillicum Mall. They had a couple food trucks outside of the centre. Within the first day the food trucks almost sold out of food in which they packed up for what they thought would be enough for the entire weekend. 

Even though there wasn't a lot of cosplay they did mangage to still have a cosplay contest with over $250 in prizes. I would say there was just over a dozen contestants, judged by the Cosplay Guests, SpaceHamster Cosplay, Embelieable Cosplay, and DV8 Props.

When I asked a few attendees how they felt about the first year, they were pleased and saying they can't wait till next year.  Overall LANtasy did an outstanding job with their first year, and already have plans to expand and add more events. I can't wait to attend.