iZombie "Maternity Liv" (REVIEW)

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

In what has to be the funniest and equally heartwarming episode of iZombie yet, Liv gets hit with a serious case of the maternal instinct when the dead-head of the week turns out to be a young girl who died after giving birth. The episode opened with some kids camping in the woods, boozing and doing kid stuff like spin the bottle, that’s still a thing right? Anyway, a battered and limping pregnant teen stumbles upon their campsite and collapses. So of course the case of the week this time around involves hunting down the culprit behind this poor girl’s death.

It was revealed that the girl turned out to be Emily Sparrow, a missing person who hasn’t been seen for eight months. The prime suspect in her disappearance was her boyfriend Dylan, who’s already accustomed to being in police custody what with him being the prime suspect eight months prior.

“Maternity Liv” was both hilarious and sweet, thanks to Emily’s post childbirth brain, Liv dotes on everyone around her, doing things like checking if Ravi has eaten to treating her little brother like a mother would. This of course opens up feelings that Liv hasn’t really explored, the original… pre-undead Liv seemed like the work centric hard nosed type of person who wasn’t really the maternal type, at least that’s what I gathered from the pilot episode.

Amidst the investigation, Major continues his own personal investigation into the missing kids, after hunting down the guy they call “the Candy Man” he’s surprised to find human brains in his cooler. Outside all the dead and drear, the newfound love Liv began cultivating with Lowell last episode continue, though having two brain eating zombies with the ability to have their very lives affected by the brains they eat does make for interesting conversations and interactions… thanks to a recent meal Lowell had, he doesn't seem to act as loving toward Liv as he did the last episode. The circumstances around it are funnier than you’d expect.

I’ve loved this series since it’s premiere and it continues to get better, and while every episode had its own personal charm, “Maternity Liv” forces our heroine into unfamiliar waters, but at least she just runs with it.

Come the cases conclusion, we get treated to more zombie-tastic plot development with a familiar character tied closely to Liv turning out to also be one of Seattle’s undead populace. Quote of the week has to go to Liv’s interactions post maternity-brain, after warning Ravi about how sharp a scalpel is and him joking about her making a sandwich, she replies with “have you really not eaten lunch?”

Here's hoping for more hilarious episodes from iZombie in the future.