Delicious Nostalgia! Shiny New Package: Final Fantasy VII Remake (Trailer Reaction)

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

It’s like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when a familiar friend comes by to visit; I still remember what I felt when I first played Final Fantasy VII back on my PlayStation in the mid 90s. The grandiose scope of this adventure told across three CD-ROMS was unprecedented for its time. So as a die hard fan of the series and with this 7th entry marking many a player’s top games list (mine included). So this new segment on the site will be a relatively short blog posts that focuses on our reactions to trailers… so with this first one, let’s focus on the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer released at the recent PSX event.



First reaction was violently sobbing and lots of “ohshitohshitohshit” fanboy moments. The trailer looked primarily focused on the game’s initial opening, the attack on one of Midgar’s reactors. The project’s art direction popped and looked better than I could have ever imagined. The in-game visuals looked crisper and more fluid than the visuals from the Advent Children film released a few years back.

like being washed in flowing nostalgia

The combat looks like its retaining much of the turn-based combat of previous games in the series. How it will pan out is still in the winds, but my best guess is that it might be alot like the combat system from Final Fantasy XIII and the forthcoming Final Fantasy XV. No word in the trailer if Materia will play a role in the game, but personally I hope they keep it… the system may be a bit dated and one they should work on modernizing, but I hope they don’t do away with it entirely. I liked having the flexibility to build my characters as I see fit while playing up to their individual strengths.

It’s like being washed in flowing nostalgia watching this trailer, the visuals may be dramatically upgraded but this is still the same old Final Fantasy VII I’ve grown so familiar with over half of my life. The attention to detail while also effectively expanding on the opening’s main area look so beautiful I can’t even begin to describe how hyped I am for this.

I’m still very much looking forward to the remake, despite the fact that a release date is still not confirmed and ongoing reports that the story of Final Fantasy VII will be told along a series rather than one big game. I still feel like this will be the perfect chance for a new generation of gamer to enjoy this story