Minority Report "Fiddler's Neck" (REVIEW)

written by Omar Castillon (omar_castillon)

We get a change of pace form the typical Washington D.C. madness and go to Fiddler’s Neck in order to help Agatha with her latest vision. This time we get a glimpse of what happens when neither Dash nor Arthur get a vision and long story short, it’s about the same effect when Agatha has a vision. In the intro we see a man with Agatha who it turns out to be a love interest of hers from when she first moved to the island. This man’s name is Brian of course he has a somewhat tortured past. 

The trip is intended to be just the twins going to help Agatha but of course we have Vega tag along for the ride as well. Agatha is still convinced though that Vega will eventually put the siblings back in the milk bath and restart the PreCog program but that is just touched upon and left for interpretation. The murdervision Agatha sees involves Brian’s little girl Katie who at first seems to be blamed on either Brian or her mother Gabby for not resorting to modern medicine and going for a natural herbs approach to combat Katie’s illness. In this case, she has malaria which was somehow contacted by people from outside the island. Obviously there is a bigger picture to be had at the island.

A tiny side story occurs when Akeela discovers something wonky with Will Blake’s profile. It appears that someone is trying to hack into his Hawk-eye account but it was all just a weird form of initiation to get into the DIA. This was a rather confusing plot point that may lead to something bigger but for now it’s just a throwaway distraction to the main plot of the episode. That’s essentially it though in terms of big picture plot points since the rest of the episode stays focused on Fiddler’s Neck.

Going back to the island at hand, the siblings and Vega discover something darker going on in the island in the form of residents doing some illegal dealings with tobacco products. More or less they need certain parts of the land for growing crops of tobacco. The guys that met with the twins and Vega in the beginning are obvious culprits to these shenanigans. Brian of course makes the wrong deal and in that sense is the cause for almost killing his daughter. I say almost since they all made the connection that the water was poisoned due to the whole tobacco business. Katie is safe and Agatha’s premonition is set aside. Then the guys from the beginning show up to try and kill Brian, his family along with Vega and the twins.

Agatha comes to the rescue and everything gets resolved in time before anyone could get hurt. And that’s about it. The episode sort of resolves itself from then onward. We see the twins and Vega go off into the sunrise back to D.C. while Agatha stays on the island. There are some sprinkled character developments between the PreCog siblings such as Agatha trying to find love in Brian and the twins wondering what life would be like without their powers. Overall this was a change of pace like I said before but it wasn’t such a big deal. I’m barely hanging on to the series at this point. Hopefully there is more to the DIA situation with Hawk-eye and their sudden increase in catching criminals. We all know it’s Vega and Dash, but you know, we have to point the finger at someone eventually.