Blood Feud: A Southern Nightmare of Terror #1 (REVIEW)


written by Monique Federmeyer (@MoniqueTheFed)

Cullen Bunn, Drew Moss and Nick Filardi, will chill you to the funny bone with this month's new release by Oni Press; Blood Feud (A Southern nightmare of terror.)

The story follows R.F. Coven, a young man content living in the small “One horse town” of Spider Creek. He and his closest pals, Jack and Cecil, encounter strange happenings in their once quiet hometown such as Giant spiders, (and a beautiful blonde) mysteriously undead frogs, and possibly something more sinister. A Blood Feud. Like many small towns, Spider Creeks family roots run deep, especially for two family’s in particular, the Whatleys and the Stubbs. For those two, there is only one thing in which they agree, mutual hate. Despite R.F. and his friends doing nothing out of the ordinary themselves, before they know it they’re thrust into the thick of it all...though I wouldn’t call it by choice.

If this comic had no words I would still pick it up! Moss, and Filardi’s artwork is fantastic, somehow managing to be stylized and yet still having a certain dose of reality. Inkeeping with the artwork, Bunn has laid out an ominous setting that doesn’t take itself too seriously with wonderful moments like a bull catching his “nethers” on an electric fence. While I can’t giving anything else away, I think it’s safe to expect more hilarious moments as the story sucks you in! (did I mention there were vampires?)

Don’t forget to check the comic book store this Thursday, who knows how long the first printing will last!