Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 4 "Listen" (REVIEW)

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

Leave it to Steven Moffat to find ways to make everyday, simple things, terrifying. Like a dream, a nightmare... no not a specific nightmare but rather the notion of a nightmare. "Listen," the fourth episode of Capaldi's run sees Moffat take the Doctor and Clara through space and time, further adding more to the lore of Clara Oswald and her miraculous history with the Doctor.

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Opening with the Doctor writing on his chalkboard, seemingly alone, yet talking out loud to himself. He wonders why even when he is alone, he talks out loud as if someone was there to listen. It's unsettling, that feeling of not quite being alone when according to your better judgement you are with all intents and purposes alone.

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The central theme of the entire episode is all about fear, at one point the Doctor likens fear to a superpower, you can react faster... you're stronger... fear can push even the most average of human being.

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Good ol' Danny Pink, the new teacher at Clara's school who caught young Miss Oswald's eye, plays a very prominent role throughout the entirety of the episode. Further solidifying Clara's role in space and time. Personally, I really enjoyed this episode. Steven Moffat's writing is at its strongest when he can take something one wouldn't normally find terrifying, like say angel statues, and make it the stuff of nightmares. This time he takes the notion of a nightmare... the idea of fear... and gives it teeth and claws.

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While overall the episode did manage to leave quite a bit unanswered, it did enough to further add to the legend of the mad man in a box while firmly placing Clara in another monumental event in the Doctor's timeline. But you'll have to watch to really get the gist of it, so as River Song would say... "Shhhhh... spoilers."