Kiki's Delivery Service Photoshoot by Chris Kwock Photography

Written by and Photo Credits by: Chris Kwock (@kwock)

I don’t have a lot of con coverage since it can get a little pricey to travel everywhere all the time and we have many other Lifted Geek members who attend cons who probably write a lot better than me. I do want to contribute a bit more but it's difficult with a lack of local (Hawaii) cons. So we do make up for it with cosplay and event photo shoots outside of conventions. While I enjoy doing photo shoots at cons, I enjoy offsite location photo shoots a bit more because I don’t feel as rushed, it's not as crowded, and I have more time to plan if need be.


For my first photo shoot article I’d like to introduce Kamon.  She’s been cosplaying for a little over a year and Sakura-Con was the largest convention she had been to compared to previous smaller local conventions she has attended.  I met her while attending Sakura-Con 2014 and it just so happened that she was going on vacation to Hawaii this summer. She ended up bringing her Kiki cosplay to do a shoot since lots of her other cosplays uses big props which wouldn't be ideal for traveling especially for a non-con purpose.


It has been a long time since I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service but this image really stuck with me


Since she was visiting, I picked an easy-to-find location - a nice park, that was close to downtown Honolulu. Also picked a time closer to golden hour to avoid harsh lighting (that and I had to work during the day). 


Side note we were really close to the water and a huge wave got me soaked on one side -_-


Walking around and trying a variety of poses in different locations, angles, and lighting, even if it is the same pose, is beneficial for a shoot. I envisioned her looking out into the ocean sitting on rocks with the sea in the background, so we tried capturing it at a couple points through the shoot when we finally came upon this location (above).

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the photos from this shoot! If you liked what you saw, please stop by my Facebook page for more shots from this set.