Shiny Loot... the "UN-Client" Client

Shiny Loot... the "UN-Client" Client


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

I’m a fan of Steam and the streamlined delivery of games in this current internet generation is indeed convenient. But imagine the convenience without the strings, that’s what Shiny Loot has to offer and what they are all about.

In the old days of CD-ROM based PC gaming, we’d go to the store… buy our copy… load it on our system… and play away. This had a certain air of control over our digital possessions. DRM is a term thrown around a lot these days, with games distribution heading in the direction of a digital distribution model, big players like Steam, Origin, the PSN and Xbox Live marketplaces all employ to some degree a form of DRM.


For those who are not familiar with the concept, DRM or Digital Rights Management is a technology mean to control the use of digital properties after the sale. In many cases, their argument for DRM is in response to the pirating community and meant to protect the manufacturers, publishers, and copyright holders from losses sustained by pirating. Often a controversial subject, if the recent news about Microsoft’s original proposed DRM stance (that they have since backpedaled on) the public is not a fan of such restrictive DRM. Groups like the Free Software Foundation argue that the term “rights” is misleading and would rather have the acronym mean Digital “Restrictions” Management.

Anyway, back to Shiny Loot! When I visited Dallas, TX this past June to attend The Screwattack Gaming Convention, I had the pleasure to chat with Chris Palmarozzi and his wife Rachel about the company and what they hope to achieve. Check out the audio, excuse the background noise… we were in a bar having drinks.

Go to for more, to register, and get gaming. Get Lifted. 



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