Kitty Flash!!

the suit and eye mask

the suit and eye mask

I have to say, I was rather proud of my kitty’s new Flash costume. This outfit was originally a special request from my brother.  Also, while I have made plenty of hats with “chin straps” (e.g. Santa Claus beard, Leprechaun beard), I have never made a full face mask.  Best of all, my cat doesn’t care!!! He just goes {purr} and chases the laser pointer and runs around like a real super hero.

While I cannot provide the pattern for the mask, (it’s not really documented… I winged it, just like I do with many of my other crochet projects), I will provide the general base pattern for the sweater with the design I relied on to guide me through the process.

It was a little bit challenging to make this Flash design look right by crochet, but I made it work! If you are interested in trying this pattern out, click the download below, and send us your photos! Whether it is made for your poor kitty or your dog*, we’d love to see more nerdy animals out there!

*Notice how people always say “poor kitty” but not “poor dog” when you see them with clothes on? {Pfft}.

Thank you again and I hope you’ve enjoyed my first article for My Poor Kitty!


ED Note 5/19/2013 Decided to add some "pre-production" photos of him!