Zombee Apocalypse!

Get it? Zombee? Zombie bees? 

They're real.  Kind of like a zombie/alien crossover - allow me to retell this source in my own words:

So there are these bees, and there are these parasities flies. They female flies lands on the back of the honey bees and lay her eggs in the bee's abdomen.  Eggs hatch and maggots are like RAWR!!

scene from your favorite classic scary Alien movie from way back in the day

Ok so not quite like that, but you know what I mean. Maybe you don't.  The maggots eat the bees from the inside out, and obviously kills the bees and goes through its little fly life cycle. And pops out of the dead bee corpse.

Thing is, they're called zombie bees because the bees are flying around lurching erratically at night until they just drop dead - which is uncommon.... obviously. 

So keep an eye out on these zombie bees, they look like this:

Go to zombiewatch.org to follow zombie bees!!!! These scientists better be on a roll and save our world from the zombees. Or these alien flies.

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