Overwatch News: Play Nice or Lose Permanently

A Winston backhand to the douchebag players in  Overwatch

A Winston backhand to the douchebag players in Overwatch

I love playing Overwatch and I play daily. One aspect of the game that has been a problem, especially more so lately, is the rise of toxicity in game. Via a Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan has officially announced that Blizzard is doing something about it.

As recent as this week I faced playing with some very toxic people, one guy claimed to be a "Diamond playing in a lower tier" on a smurf account, going ballistic when the team wasn't "following his orders." His attitude also included some less than kind language to the rest of the team. Jeff has confirmed that around 480,000 accounts have received disciplinary action with about 380,00 thanks to directly reporting these assholes.

"Our highest level philosophy is if you are a bad person doing bad things in Overwatch, we don't want you in Overwatch... Overwatch should be an inclusive gamespace... an inclusive aspirational universe and the gamespace should match what Overwatch is hoping to achieve" -Jeff Kaplan

As a player, I love that they want to focus on this. Basically, if you are an asshole... it's not just the players that don't want you there... Blizzard doesn't want you there either. We are all here to have fun, win... lose... or draw... it's a game guys, no need to be dicks about it.


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