Can Affleck Save the DC Cinematic Universe?

After a disappointing outing, it looks like WB is doing some serious work to repair its reputation with fans after Zack Snyder once again drops a DC flavored bomb. Though Snyder will still apply his bombastic "story telling" to Justice League... he won't be alone with Justice League star and current Batman, Ben Affleck, being elevated to an Executive Producer role Deadline reports.

The rumors are still buzzing for Affleck to direct the solo Batman films, but to be brought on in such a high ranking role in the Justice League movie, this can serve to save a film that seems destined to becoming another Zack Snyder effect-o-fest of big action set pieces with zero development for the narrative.

Ben Affleck has already proven that he can tell a story. His work on Argo, The Town, and Gone Baby Gone should help put fans at ease when it comes to the Justice League film.

The one hope I have is that Affleck will be able to reign in Zack Snyder's bravado and scale back on the trademark Snyder style of directing... because as a DC fan, I already blame Snyder for ruining these films... looks like it'll take a Batman to fix it.

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