David Tennant Returning to Doctor Who...

 ... And he's bringing Donna Noble!

Reported by the fine folks over at Blogtor Who, it looks like David Tennant and Catherine Tate will reprise their roles as the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble respectively.

Big Finish is producing a series of audio dramas based on characters from DoctorvWho past, being voiced by the actors who portrayed them. While stories like the return to the Churchill years and an adventure featuring River Song (voiced by Alex Kingston) and the Eighth Doctor (voiced by Paul McGann) are indeed something to look forward to... It's the sizzle factor of arguably one of the most popular Doctors since the series reboot in 2005 returning to the role that has my Whovian heart pitter-pattering.


If you've never checked them out, audio dramas are a great way to experience stories, especially when they retain such a high production value. Here's hoping they don't screw it up...

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