New Arkham Knight Trailer Features Familiar Faces

For those who played Batman: Arkham City (which should be all of you... because Arkham City rocked!) some familiar faces are making their way back into the fray and backing up Batman as Gotham burns. This new trailer also featured what looks like a new gameplay mechanic, allowing you to switch seamlessly between Batman and one of his allies in free-flow combat. Combination moves and takedowns with Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin look impressive and if this is what I think it is... hopefully it will allow you to experience a good chunk of the narrative not just as Batman but also one of the other three allies.

While I enjoyed running around Arkham City as Catwoman, I desperately wanted to do the same with Robin and Nightwing. Sure we got a Robin DLC in "Harley's Revenge" but we never go to really take him off the lot.

For those who followed through with the mysterious watcher sidequest, Azrael returns and as expected the dark prophecy he shared with you during the events of Arkham City turn out the be the events Batman will have to face in Arkham Knight.

June 23rd can't get here fast enough!

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