SDCC 2016 Pre (Pre?) Reg is Coming... Tips to Survive

It's that time of year to go mad over an event with a consistently high demand and incredibly low supply. San Diego Comic Con... SDCC... Comic Con International, whatever you call it... this is the biggest of the big and rightly so drawing a huge attendance and taking over a several blocks of San Diego's Gas Lamp district.

But this Saturday, November 14th 2015, is the Pre (Pre?) Registration... if Open Reg is like other con's pre-reg, this date is special because it gives last year's attendees a chance to nab a day or two (or maybe all four plus preview night) of the biggest show in fan conventions. So to be ready, as a Comic Con seasoned vet, I wanted to share some of my quick tips here in quick bits for those who will be participating.

First and foremost, make sure you can participate and that the buddies you'll be with can participate. To be eligible to participate, you must have attended at least one day at SDCC 2015 and completed the registration process. If you missed out on registering your badge id... you are pretty much S.O.L. and have to wait for Open (Pre) Reg. Log in to your Member ID to ensure you can.

Use a desktop or a laptop, while using a mobile browser might be the only option for some... it will be more reliable to have a computer when you enter the virtual queue.

Have all your information on hand. I would suggest going into your Member ID account and screencapping it (but don't share it to the public) this will ensure that you won't hit any unforeseen roadblocks. You will need the link to enter the queue PLUS the registration code to be able to enter the waiting room. You can enter the room starting 8AM PST and have until 8:59:59AM PST to enter your code, once 9AM hits, those who entered will be sorted into houses.... errr... I mean a buying order. Know that this process is random and someone who enters the room at 8AM has just as much a chance to purchase as someone who enters the room at 8:57AM.

a handy infographic

a handy infographic

Work in teams, trust me it can help even just a little bit. Each Member ID can buy badges for up to three (3) Member IDs, so if you include yourself... if you get lucky enough to be chosen... you can purchase badges for yourself and two of your buddies. Also, it has to be noted that if you have a larger group, stay in the room even if a buddy grabs your passes, you can still purchase badges for up to three Member IDs even if you don't purchase for yourself. Also, it should be self explanatory but you should make sure to have you and friend's Member IDs and last names on a handy note.... post-it or digital.

If you are spiritual, pray to whatever God you believe in; if not jut hope that Lady Luck will be on your side. Once 9AM hits, it'll be a mad dash to get passes. First, make sure not to refresh... contrary to what The Big Bang Theory says... the waiting room will automatically refresh and load the order page if luck is on your side. Be patient, don't get too stressed, and if you can't buy badges now... all is not lost... get ready for Open Registration and repeat the steps I outlined for you. I hope you can make it to SDCC and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Follow SDCC on their OFFICIAL Twitter handle, the are pretty good about updating! @Comic_Con

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