PlayStation 4 Price Cut!

Hot on the heels of receiving a price cut in Japan, via the official PlyStation blog, they announced that the PlayStation 4 will drop in price from $400 to $350 (in the US) just in time for the Holidays! This amazing price drop also includes a full retail game as well, with the $350 price tag also netting you a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection or Star Wars Battlefront. These are $60 games, essentially making the PS4 $290.

THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME! Getting into next gen has never been a better value, and while the Xbox One dropping  prices is to be expected, what with the system's market share eclipsed by the big 'S', but Sony didn't need to drop the price... PS4's sell like hotcakes, so this is a really awesome development.

There are other bundles listed on the official blog post along with prices for Canada (our brethren from the North also get a price drop). So are you getting a PS4?

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