The Follow Up to Man of Steel Gets a Title


Cue fireworks and fanfare, or not.

I've made it a point to be optimistic about this movie, I do believe Affleck could be a good Batman and the strange casting choice of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor didn't really phase me... but that cheesy ass title! Not the Batman v Superman part, but the Dawn of Justice part. I know they are looking to use this film to jumpstart the eventual Justice League film, but I was always hoping that they would harken back to the comics and call it World's Finest.


They broke the news of the title card on the official Twitter page for the film, and while this does sound cheesy to me... I'll take it with a grain of salt and hope they don't ruin Batman. It takes a lot for a filmmaker to ruin Batman. So I raise as glass, here's hoping Snyder channels more Tim Burton/Christopher Nolan/Bruce Timm... and less Joel Schumacher... so help me Zod if I see Bat-Nipples and a Bat-Amex... I will cut a bitch.

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