Affleck in the Batsuit


I've been pretty vocal about how I'm optimistic about Ben Affleck as Batman in the forthcoming sequel to Man of Steel. Taking cues more so from the comics rather than the recent film adaptations, gone are the segmented plates of Bale's Batman in the Nolan-verse.

Dark Knight Returns  Batsuit (left) with the New 52 Batsuit (right)

Dark Knight Returns Batsuit (left) with the New 52 Batsuit (right)

Reflecting more of the comics, the Batsuit looks very similar to the New 52 Batsuit with an emblem reminiscent of the Dark Knight Returns Batsuit. Personally, I'm optimistic and the guy looks great in the Batsuit. I thought Henry Cavill was huge in his Superman costume, but Affleck looks ready to tangle with the lost son of Krypton. Snyder posted it on his twitter and regardless of what I felt about Man of Steel (THUMBS DOWN) I am going into this optimistic... please don't ruin Batman Zack Snyder.

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