So this is a thing... Jem find's its cast

With the 80s and 90s coming full circle and that horrendous looking Michael Bay TMNT flick (stop ruining my childhood you asshat!) another icon from the era of Lisa Frank notebooks and Saved by the Bell is getting a modern makeover... say hello to JEM!

Granted, I wasn't that much of a fan since I am a boy and at the time gender roles were so defined I was watching G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But I was always aware of it, and secretly watched it because Jem's hot. ANYWAY! It looks like with the modern makeover, some members of the new young Hollywood will be stepping into the roles of the iconic pop star and her band.

Aubrey Peoples (Nashville) will play the lead with Hayley Kiyoko, Stefanie Scott, and Aurora Perrineau rounding out the rest of the band. I haven'd heard much about the story yet but so far the cast is looking good with both Peoples and Kiyoko already being accomplished musicians.

What say you? Any g33ks get a wave of nostalgia with this?


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How Lovely is This?

I'm getting chills...