Gal Gadot rockin' some WONDERful guns...

Looking like a stunner at the  Fast & Furious  premier

Looking like a stunner at the Fast & Furious premier

When Gal Gadot was first announced to play Wonder Woman in the forthcoming sequel to Man of Steel I was initially a bit skeptical. While she does have the beauty part locked down and her experience shooting Fast & Furious does show the lady can really rock it in a physically demanding/action flick role, my initial skepticism came from the fact that physically she wasn't exactly "built" like a Goddess Super Hero. Thanks to a post from her Facebook page marked with the caption "There's nothing like a good morning workout.. Love it! You?" it seems like this beautiful actress is packing on some serious muscle for the role! While Wonder Woman isn't generally portrayed at Gina Carano like physicality (except in games like Injustice: Gods Among Us) she was always portrayed as strong AND beautiful.

If this is just the first step to what looks to be a stunning specimen of woman to portray the hero, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to seeing her in the costume.

While there have been lots of moaning and groaning when it comes to fan judgements of DC film castings, I hold a more positive outlook for the film. While I wasn't a fan of Man of Steel in any way, shape, or form. I am VERY optimistic for the Ben Affleck casting of Bruce Wayne/Batman... and regardless of my disappointment in Man of Steel, I still think Henry Cavill is a fantastic Clark Kent/Superman. While some fans and ranters may not be easily swayed by a photo of Gal Gadot's bicep, I see this as very positive.

A comparison shot

A comparison shot

She's looking a lot more like the lean/muscular Wonder Woman seen in the New 52... but what say you g33ks? More so optimistic or do you still not care for the casting?

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