Could This Be the iPhone 6?

image credits @mornray886

image credits @mornray886

By means of an anonymous twitter user, could these be some of the first images of the forthcoming iPhone 6? Also posted by Sonny Dickson (the same blogger who leaked shots of the iPhone 5C and the Galaxy Note 3) these images could be legit.

The new device looks to fall in line with purported claims that the next iPhone will feature a larger screen size (at 4.8 inches, up from the 5/5S/5C's 4 inch display) and have a much slimmer form factor.

The ultra thin bezel and aluminum back look dry much like the iPod touch... kind of makes me wonder how they they can really make these phones before we start holding paper up to our ears. Remember that scene in Zoolander when Derek held up a microscopic phone to his ear? Maybe in the sequel he'll have a phone with the heft of paper but the size of an iPad.


Anyway, I am pretty jazzed, been an iPhone user since the beginning and honestly will continue to stick by the big A.

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