Majora's Mask Coming...

... to 3DS. Looks like I (PRINCE) now have a reason to get a 3DS, with the big N unveiling this news via one of their Nintendo Direct presentations.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was my second favorite LoZ adventure (behind A Link to the Past). While I did enjoy Ocarina of Time, it wasn't a title that made me want to up and get a 3DS. A game wrought with metaphor and exposition, this adventure is one that I feel is sorely unappreciated in the wake of Ocarina's shadow... much like how Wind Waker was panned by so many fans when it was released.

Who else is looking forward to it? Just for shits and gigs, heres my favorite video from YouTuber The Game Theorists with their take on the Link in Majora's Mask.

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