Jesse Eisenberg is... LEX LUTHOR


In some surprising news, Zombieland and The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg has been announced as Lex Luthor in the forhcoming sequel to Man of Steel. Personally, I think he can pull off the the type of villain he's set to portray, but his age does leave me wanting more. When rumors were swirling that Joaquin Phoenix was rumored for the role, I was loving that idea... somehow I feel that Eisenberg (as great of an actor as he is) doesn't fit my ideal description for who I'd want to be Lex.

With more and more characters getting added to the roster, how do you feel the chances of the next chapter in Supe's story fares? While I'm not too thrilled with their choices (other than Affleck... yes I do support BATFLECK) I see them throwing all these characters into the mix for the sake of making up for the lukewarm reception of Man of Steel by critics and fans... as you may know by our review here by Marc Morin of, we at LG were not fans of Man of Steel. Still, this casting choice is interesting and I'll be looking forward to what Eisenberg can do with the character, who knows... he could surprise us.

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