IMAGI [almost] presents: The Legend of Zelda


The folks over at Imagi are pretty well known as the minds behind TMNT (which was pretty good) and Astro Boy (which I loved, even though there was lots of Nic Cage!). But this is something that I would have hoped would make it to light. Thanks to former Imagi employee Adam Holmes, this pitch reel has surfaced online. 

Since the date stamp clearly shows 2007, it's a good certainty that this will never come to light. But oh the possibilities... what say you? Would you want to watch a feature length CGI Legend of Zelda story? Perhaps a CGI revival of the TV-series... just with alot less "excuuuuuuuuuse me Princess."

I know that with the many different worlds within The Legend of Zelda  mythos, it's alot like the multiverse of DC Comics canon, multiple Links... multiple Princesses. Maybe it would be a creative way to add to the mythology aside from just within video games. I just hope if a project like this ever does come to light, Shigeru Miyamoto will be involved. Kickstarter anyone?

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