Batman confirmed...

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... and it's NOT Christian Bale. The Hollywood reporter announces that Ben Affleck will play the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne opposite Henry Cavill's Superman/Clark Kent. 

Let's put Daredevil  aside for a minute (Affleck has expressed regrets over Daredevil), and if you've ever seen the R-rated Directors Cut of Daredevil...  it was actually pretty passable, much better than the PG-13 cut. Anyway, it looks like Affleck will don a cowl again, this time portraying one of the most recognizable heroes in the pantheon of comic books.

Now before you go too cray on this, let's remember that Ben Affleck is a comic book fan and his buddy Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith holds a strong foothold in the comc book community (especially with his shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and his show Comic Book Men ). I just hope this is good, I'm optimistic... just please Zack Snyder, don't fuck up Batman...

So what do you think g33ks? Sound off! 

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