credit: Macboutic

credit: Macboutic

In a report posted by Apple Insider, it looks like the iPhone 5S will be getting a golden shower... wait... that sounds off... 

Anyway, from purported photos posted by the folks at macboutic.fr  the refreshed iPhone 5 will come in a new third colorway. Whether this will actually happen on time is to be determined though. We still haven't forgotten how long it took to finished the white iPhone 4.

KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that the next iPhone will also be offered in a 128gb size. After the Apple started releasing the iPad with 128gb of storage in February, these claims seem more likely than not. So what do you think guys? Would you like to get a GOLD (or champagne as they are reportedly calling it) iPhone 5S? Not gonna lie... I may have to do it... I love gold. Now give it to me in ROSE gold and we'll most definitely be talking. 

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