Goodbye My Brothers: Depressing TMNT Fan Art...


It's really tugging on my heartstrings, maybe it's because I grew up with this foursome of brothers and seeing this just tears me up a bit... or maybe it's because I am a brother as well. But either way, it's pretty bloody sad so see them so beaten!

Joao Dia Pires from Portugal (check him out on DA username: DeadPea) paints a haunting "what if." What if during a final battle, one of the brothers has to watch the other three die while he is unable to do anything about it. These are beautiful works and I would love to own the prints.

Check em out here! (click to enlarge)

With his brothers lost in battle, Michelangelo is left to fight alone.

Donatello can't save his brothers and is the last turtle left standing.

Sometimes the hardest ones are the ones who feel the most.

Leonardo holds on to the memory of his brothers.

A little too sad are we? maybe this can help... 

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