Finally... some BioShock Infinite DLC!


Looks like the boys that built the house of Comstock are at it again, this time releasing some new content that adds to the already amazing story of BioShock Infinite. Titled "Buried at Sea," this two part story features a very different Booker and Elizabeth, this time the setting is pretty familiar for those who were fans of the first BioShock . This time, the duo faces down the horrors of Rapture. Now, this isn't the Rapture we first knew from the original BioShock . But rather than the sunken city, fallen to whims of its maker and running rampant with psychos with an addiction to plasmids, this Rapture is the Rapture from the story books.

Much like how BioShock Infinite  took place in a bustling city just as alive as it was dangerous, this Rapture is in its high point, before Atlas or Fontaine, before your original protagonist set foot within one of those bathyspheres.

Suffice it to say, I'm pretty fucking excited. But in the mean time, check the trailer! No word yet when a release can be expected, we're only treated to a "coming soon." It'll be nice to go back to Rapture. 


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