IGN Premiers an Exclusive GODZILLA poster

So for you lucky geeks that will make it to SDCC this year (I'm still pissed at the servers crashing on me when I tried to order my badge) this Mondo Print will be available to purchase! Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing something good come from the Godzilla franchise stateside. It's a testament that geek rage is truly affecting the quality of movies, when they tried to imagine Godzilla years ago with freaking baby creatures and an abortion of a monster, that Matthew Broderick starring waste of time ignited many a flame amongst the faithful.

Now, with the geeks grown up, we have the power to do right by the franchises we love... hopefully this will be a result of it. Godzilla launches in May of 2014 and will star Bryan Cranston (Total Recall , Breaking Bad ) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass , Nowhere Boy ). Let's just keep P.Diddy VERY VERY FAR AWAY from the Soundtrack... okay guys?


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