g33ks! to the TWITTERS! 

g33ks! to the TWITTERS! 

According to their Facebook group, David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger is missing. Knuckles is a well known member of the gaming community and he's been missing since May 27th. Many gaming blogs and outlets have expressed their support for this search and we at Lifted Geek would like to put our hand into the huddle.

Being so close to Vancouver B.C. and being from Seattle, it's an advantage to the search. So on our end we will do everything we can to find any clues. I will contact my affiliates in Vancouver B.C. I will tell my friends to keep and eye out and I will support this search to find our lost brother. 

We as a gaming community, a nerd community, a geek subculture, we are connected by the things we love and the media we consume. If you've ever picked up a gaming controller, played Sonic games, hell... even watched the old cartons with video game characters. You are connected to Knuckles.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends still uncertain of his whereabouts. I hope they find you soon brother.

Cheers and get lifted, 
Justin Prince
LFTDG33k co-Founder




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