Open Letter From David Dreger's (Knuckles Dawson) Big Sister to the Gaming Community


Sup g33ks! It's your boy Justin Prince, here again to fuel the #FindKnuckles fire. This is an open letter from Danielle Dreger addressed to the Gaming Community in response to the outpouring of support for the search of her missing brother. This really touched my heart and especially when I think about how close I am to my siblings, I can empathize with her on so many levels.

I wanted to share this with you... The g33ks of our community. Please find it in your hearts to join the search and contribute to finding her brother.

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To The Gaming Community: A Love Letter

Hello to you all, strangers who have quickly become dear friends.

I know so little about you, but you have embraced me and my family in our time of need, just as you have embraced David for many years. The passion, support and incredible kindness that has been streaming from you to fill social media is boggling. Thousands and thousands, maybe even millions of people have seen my baby brother’s face and heard about his disappearance because of you.

The hope that I feel in my heart that we will find David because of this outpouring of support is a gift, and one that I can never match or repay. I am humbled by the strength of your community, and by what you have given the Dreger family. Every story and anecdote you share about David is a precious pearl, and I am finding out new things about him that make me miss him all the more.

I love David so much. I miss his smile, his laugh, I even miss the way he scowls at me because, as his big sister, I can annoy him like no one else on earth. I need one of his bear hugs the way a starving person needs food. He isn’t here right now to give me that bear hug, but I received so many hugs today from you in his place. Some were in person, and others were online, but I treasured each one in the exact same way.

David and I were raised to have faith in God, and I have been so scared that I will lose that faith this week and not know how to get it back. Instead of losing faith and feeling alone and abandoned, I have been prayed for and sent well-wishes from all corners of the world. Facing this situation could have made me question God and humanity, but instead I have been uplifted and strengthened because of you. Please know, that whatever you do or do not believe, that your prayers have worked. I can only be strong for my family and David because of them.

My prayer is that David’s Guardian Angels were with him on Sunday night, and that they are with him now. I so want him to have peace and happiness. As for myself, I feel that this community must be filled with Angels, because why else would this be happening? Each one of YOU are my Guardian Angels.

So, finally, dearest Gaming Community, I want you to know that I hold you dear in my heart and I am simply overcome with love and gratitude. You have been David’s family for so long, and now you are mine. I don’t have enough words to properly say thank you, but know the entire Dreger family is forever in your debt.

Eternally grateful and eternally yours,
Danielle Dreger


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