Star Wars Ice Sabers Cookbook


I know we have geeky dessert foodies out there! And here's a special treat for you! An 

Ice Sabers The Star Wars Cookbook!  May 4 is coming up, and you might as well head on over to buy this book in time for that day just because it's May 4. If you don't get what May 4 means, then ....... it's ok. You'll get it eventually.

Anyways this cookbook includes awesome light saber ice molds - also known as Ice Sabers >.< It is a full-color cookbook with 30 recipes and those 4 Ice Saber pop molds which you'll just love - who doesn't want Star Wars themed desserts and Ice Cream Clones? 

With more possible Star Wars movies on its way sometime in the future, someone will be planning a food party, somewhere.  Neatoshop also carries cookbooks with main dish recipes as well, so check out their site for these other cookbooks if you're interested!

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