American Brewing Company and Emerald City Comic Con Team Up to Create Limited Edition Beer

Flying Monkey Pale Ale

That's right.  Beer. A comic con exclusive beer. WHAT? 

So in a nutshell, ECCC and American Brewing Company (let's just shorted this to ABC...) teamed up to create an official beer for the 2013 convention.  What will this ECCC beer be?  Neil Fallon, the owner of ABC, says,
“We wanted to create a beer that was full-bodied and delicious but not overpowering.  We already made a Pale Ale—Impaler NW Pale Ale, which is 5.7 percent ABV and has a lot of the hoppy punch that people recognize in many of Skip’s beers. For this beer, we wanted to mellow it out a bit. Flying Monkey Pale Ale doesn’t have quite the same hop bite—it still has a great hop aroma and flavor, and it finishes really clean."

That's right. We geeks get mellowed beer. Is that a good thing? I'm not really a beer person to know what mellowed vs non-mellowed beer is.

The label artwork, provided by ECCC, were designed by James Klauser (Bullseye Creative), and will be an ECCC limited edition.  There will be two labels - the standard label (left below), and a limited number of 1000 of the variant label (right below).  

Bars and bottle shops near the Seattle Convention Center have already put in their orders and this beer will be available on tap and in 22 ounce bottles. But here's the thing - if (or when) you go and order this beer and receive the bottle with the variant label, then be one of 150 people to bring it to the convention (during ECCC) and receive a print from one of the artists.

What what! If you really want this, you might have to go through several bottles of beer to get the variant! Hell why not. Let's get drunk at ECCC.  

via Washington Beer Blog

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