Kingdom Hearts 1.5 NA, EU this Fall

Reported on the PS blog, it looks like the HD remix for Kingdom Hearts (titled 1.5) is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 this coming Fall!!

I myself am super psyched for this! This won't JUST be the same Kingdom Hearts we've all played before, previously unreleased outside of Japan, this version of Kingdom Hearts that will be localized is the Final Mix version, featuring new weapons, bosses and cutscenes. Also, a remake of the GBA game Re:Chain of Memories will also be bundled with it along with cinematic story videos for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to help bridge the gap before Kingdom Hearts 2.

Personally I'd love a HD remake of Days, but I'm happy with this announcement. One step closer to an HD rerelease of Kingdom Hearts 2. But the question is now whether KH2HD will be PS3? Or will it launch on the PS4. Sound off in the comments.


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