Game of Thrones actors pose with their Funko figurines

This is so cute! The actors from the HBO series Game of Thrones posed with their Funko action figurines. Someone was having some fun on the Game of Thrones Instagram !

Where's Joffrey??

via i09

Lena Headey and her mini Cersei 

Nikolaj Coster is happy with his Jaime Lannister figurine

Rory McCann isn't as scary as his Clegane figurine

Maisie Williams is so cute with her Arya Stark !

Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister has his children in his hands!

The Mother of Dragons - Emilia Clarke and her tiny Daenerys 

Cheer up Jon Snow! You caught a white walker! [Kit Harrington]

Little Tyrion Lannister is being eaten by Peter Dinklage

Rose Leslie as Ygritte has little John Snow

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