Japan's Shibuya Crazy Costume Street Party

Japan Halloween.JPG

Uh, I know where i'm spending my next Halloween! Shibuya has been known for their weekly cosplay meetups, and I can only imagine Halloween being beyond epic there. 

Halloween night in Tokyo was amazing this year! Lots of people, lots of costumes, and lots of fun at Japan’s increasingly famous Shibuya Halloween Costume Street Party! We shot this video (and 350+ costume pics) in the area around Shibuya Station on Halloween night 2013. We spent over 8 hours hanging out on the street, making friends, taking pictures, and having fun. We saw lots of kids from the Harajuku street fashion scene partying with the Shibuya gyaru, otaku, foreigners, and everyone else who showed up to have a fun Halloween night.
— TokyoFashionNews

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