Doctor Who blindboxes by Lunartik

I have to admit, I do not watch Doctor Who.  I KNOW! I know....I call myself a geek but I can't seem to get past the 3rd episode of season 1.  But hey, geek senses are telling me that  there are tons of you Doctor Who fans who would totally love this, so I just thought I'd pass this information along!

Lunartik partnered with BBC and Titan Merchandise and designed these 3 inch blind box figures, with focus on the 11th Doctor.  

Right now, these can be ordered from Lunartik's shop for £7.99 a box,   Just like any blind box series, there are the commons, and the rares. See below for your chances of snagging a particular figure.  

Series 1 commons:
11th Doctor - 3/40 
The Tardis - 2/20 
The Ood - 1/20 
Judoon - 1/20 
Silent - 2/20 
Cyberman - 1/20 
Silurian - 1/20 
Drone Dalek - 2/20 
Scientist Dalek - 1/20 
Eternal Dalek - 1/20 
Strategist Dalek - 1/16 
Supreme Dalek - 1/20

Cyberman - 1/40
The Ood - 1/40 
The Tardis - 1/20 
The 11th Doctor - 1/40

Some of these also come with character specific accessories. And it looks like there are special instructions to even putting the Daleks together! 

Who's gonna snag these?

via Tomopop

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