[Preorder] Cute Hello Kitty Street Fighter x Sanrio Toys

Chun Li vs Zangief
Ryu vs Cammy
M. Bison vs E. Honda

Hello Kitty is totally dominating everything - beauty, fashion, technology, games, toys, you name it.  Street Fighter and Sanrio teamed up a while ago and at SDCC 2012, Toynami offered the SDCC exclusive Hello Kitty Chun Li plushie.  I had my solid chance of getting one preordered while at the convention since all the ones at the convention kept selling out.  But I lost that chance due to stupidity.  

THIS TIME I WONT LOSE. Well, it's not like these are really exclusives to anything... but they are so cool only because it's a crossover to Street Fighter. I love mash ups and crossovers.  These adorable Hello Kitty Street Fighter PVC figures come in a 2 pack set of THREE! That's 6 figures featuring Chun Li, Zangief, Ryu, Cammy, M. Bison, and E. Honda.   These are Series 1, which implies that there will be more... I think.  I hope. :) What these? Preorder them at the link provided at the end of this blog. They will arrive in March 2013!


That Chun Li exclusive SDCC 2012 plush? Well speaking of plushies (and letmetellyou I love plushies) There are also preorders available for 6" and 11" plushies (and key chain sized ones too) of Hello Kitty Chun Li, Hello Kitty Ryu, and Hello Kitty Bison!!!! Unfortunately the Hello Kitty Chun Li is NOT the same as the exclusive offered at SDCC.  I definitely remember seeing these three plushies at SDCC 2012, and totally wished I could hug one of them.  11" plushie is pretty large, and not a bad price at $23.  

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