"The Fifth Element" Inspired Monokini?

Herve Leger swimwear

Milla Jovovich as Leeloo from The Fifth Element

I was just doing my daily cyber window shopping and came across this swimsuit that strangely looks just like Leeloo's barely-an-outfit outfit from The Fifth Element.  It doesn't say that it is... but it looks like an inspired look from the movie; Herve Leger (by Max Azria) created a series of "bandage" swimsuits (in multiple colors too!) and this is his signature line.  I have to say I love it...but for a hefty price of  $740 I can't justify buying this for so little fabric haha. But it is definitely a unique and totally awesome swimsuit because it looks like Leeloo's first appearance outfit!!!

I don't normally post product pages but hey - if you wanna buy it, go for it.

Product page

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