Ralphie and Flash Gordon Deleted Scene from A Christmas Story

The annual 24 hour marathon for A Christmas Story  is a time honored tradition across... everywhere on Christmas Day.  Apparently if you look closely the ending credits mention two actors  playing Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless.  But wait, where is this scene? BA-LETED.  Originally the movie was suppose to feature another one of Ralphie's day dreaming with Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB gun on the planet Mongo. According to A Christmas Story House & Museum,

Among the scenes cut were several possible opening sequences, a fantasy sequence in which Miss Sheilds visits Ralphie’s house and then Ralphie rescues Flash Gordon from Ming the Merciless on planet Mongo, and another fantasy sequence in which Ralphie rescues Santa from Black Bart and his men.
— A Christmas Story House & Museum

Unfortunately, there are no footage of this deleted scene :( However, they did post the script of this scene on the website.  You can view the first 3 below and then visit A Christmas Story House & Museum for the rest of the script.

via A Christmas Story House & Museum

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