[Cosplay] Sexy Jade Cosplay from Mortal Kombat

When I was maybe 5 years old, my first "violent" game was Mortal Kombat. I watched my cousins battle each other and button mash (that's what it looked like to me at 5 years) their way to every finishing fatality move. Quite frankly, the best I could do was turn 'em into babies (babality) or bite their heads off (animality); I was never able to pull anything that took more than 5 buttons. However, when it comes to cosplay, if you can pull off something that isn't totally easy to do, you get my full acknowledgement. 

Take Kristen Hughey - the woman behind the mask of Jade.  How sexy is this?? She cosplayed this very well, including the hair, make up, and costume.  You can barely tell her apart from the drawing! She looks great, and I don't think I'll see a cosplay of Jade as good as this for a while!

See the rest of the photos below!

via Geek Tyrant

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