Bill O'Reilly spins a little racism and comments on "Gangnam Style"

Okay, maybe this isn't the most geeky post, but if you've paid attention to the internet and the multitude of Halloween Costumes, you'll know who PSY is and this whole "Gangnam Style" craze that seemed to sweep the US in a matter of weeks. It seems that finally Bill O'Reilly discovered it, and here is the aftermath:

*sarcasm* it's amazing how I learned so much from these two geniuses of FOX NEWS reporting. I am especially glad that Mr. O'Reilly brought the esteemed Dr. Keith Ablow on to explain some things I never knew before, like how apparently this song is just jibberish and apparently isn't in Korean and is just a mish mash of unintelligible words... *end sarcasm*

This is a little fat guy from Pyongyang, or something. Seoul. Whatever. And he’s jumping up and down
— Bill O'Reilly... yes he really said that...

I couldn't believe it, Fox News seems to outdo itself every day in their bullshit "reporting" and this is no exception, likening being/speaking Korean to being "without intelligible words" is a sweeping racist declaration, did they do any research before attempting this segment? Now I get the point, that the majority of these YouTube views come from people who are not native Korean speakers, but to claim the song has no meaning is atrocious. A quick Google search will answer your questions about the meaning of the song (for your information, it's a parody the lifestyle of the denizens of Gangnam and the perceived lavish life they lead). Here, Bill O'Reilly, let me google that for you... and before I sign off... Fuck you both... stick to your staunch racism and being the stereotype of stuck up conservative white men... oh... and for the record, Pyongyang is in North Korea you racist fuck... 

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