Geeky Custom Engagement Rings

Seeing more and more of these rings popping up makes me all giddy inside. I mean, over 10 years ago being geeky and nerdy and anything different from being "popular" (which gives me such a negative feeling by the way) left some of those kids bullied and ignored. I mean, seriously look at us these days, this is becoming the norm and "gaming" is no longer something that makes anyone look down on you for. 

Now we have geeky engagement rings and geeky weddings, and while that does stray from "tradition", it makes it unique to the couple's interest and tastes and it's so different.  I know for sure I'll plan to have something geeky all over the place. Super Mario linens... who knows ;)

I've compiled as many geeky engagement rings as I could find! Some are concepts AND rings already made through custommade and others hand made by the guy himself.

Please see them all below!!

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